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Friday, April 4, 2014

13 Fun Mother's Day DIY Treat Gifts

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Mom does so much for you everyday, so give her a special treat. Here's a round-up list of 13 tasty DIY Mother's Day treats. Included here are simple recipes, flowers, printable treat jars and more. Give her a special treat on her special day.

1. Mother's Day Cupcake Flowers Treat

2. Mother's Day Fuzzy Slipper Cookies Recipe
3. Mother's Day Red Velvet Cupcakes Recipe

4. Mother's Day Cupcake in a Jar Treat Recipe
DIY Mother's Day Gifts Moms Will Actually Like

5. Mother's Day Edible Sugar Flowers Recipe

6. Mother's Day Candy Wreath Craft
Mother's day gift ideas - diy wreath

7. Mother's Day Cheesecake Pops Recipe
Picture of Cheesecake Pops Recipe

8. Mother's Day Treat Tin with Printable Label

9. Mother's Day Cookie Flower Craft

10. Mother's Day "I Love You" Rice Krispies Treat

11. Mother's Day Printable Chocolate Bar Label

12. Mother's Day Treat: Energy in a Jar Printable

13. Mother's Day Treat "Jar of Sunshine" Craft
jar of sunshine

Thursday, April 3, 2014

Top 25 Mother's Day Flower Crafts for Kids

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All Mother's love getting flowers on Mother's Day. Even better are flowers that you made. Here's a round-up list of 25 awesome Mother's Day flower crafts. There's a big variety craft techniques here, even flowers you can eat. Try something new with one of these great ideas. 

1. Mother's Day Painted Paper Flowers Craft

2. Mother's Day 3D Flowers Craft

3. Mother's Day String Flowers Craft
My Kids Make

4. Mother's Day Cookie Flower Craft

Family Education

5. Mother's Day Handprint Fooprint Flower Craft

6. Mother's Day Hand Print Flower Craft

7. Mother's Day Printable flower Pot Card Craft

8. Mother's Day Plantable Flower Card Craft
Makes and Takes

9. Mother's Day Japanese Paper Flowers Craft

All About

10. Mother's Day Flower Necklace/Bracelet Craft

Toddler Approved

11. Easy Mother's Day Flower Bouquet Craft

Rainbows Within Reach

12. Mother's Day Edible Sugar Flowers Recipe

Happy Whimsical Heart

13. Mother's Day Recycled Newspaper Flower Bouquet Craft

Zakka Life

14. Mother's Day Cupcake Flowers Treat

Cute as a Fox

15. Mother's Day Recycled Toilet Paper Roll Flowers Craft

It's a wild Life

16. Mother's Day Hand Print Footprint Flowers Craft

17. Mother's Day Hand Print Flower Tote Bag Craft

18. Mother's Day Toilet Roll Tulips Craft
Marco con flores de rollo de papel wc

19. Mother's Day Celery Stamp Flower Bouquet Craft
Easy & Inexpensive Mother’s Day Craft for Kids to Make |

20. Mother's Day Egg Carton Flowers Craft

21. Mother's Day Bubble Wrap Flowers Craft
bubble wrap flowers

22. Mother's Day Paper Flowers Card Craft
Mother's Day Flower Cards Craft for Kids

23. Mother's Day Hand Print Flower Pot Craft
Mega Crafty

24. Mother's Day Paper Cupcake Flowers Craft for Preschool


25. Easy Mother's Day Toilet Roll Flower Vase Craft

Search this site for even more great Mother's Day craft ideas.

6 Great Mother's Day Candle Crafts for Kids

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Mom is the light of your life, so make a craft gift for her that puts some light in hers. Here's a round-up List of 6 great candle and candle holder crafts for Mother's Day. Make Mother's Day a bright one for her.

1. Mother's Day Votive Candles Crafta
Inner Child Fun

2. Mother's Day Tissue Candle Jar Craft

Family Holiday

3. Mother's Day Candle Craft

Come Together Kids

4. Mother's Day Candle Holder Craft

5. Personalized Mother's Day Candle Holders

6. Mother's Day Egg Candle Craft

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

6 DIY Mother's Day Beauty Care Gifts

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All kids think Mom is beautiful, so why not make her a Mother's Day gift that will help keep her that way? Instead of the usual flowers or hand print craft, give her a practical gift this year. Here's a list of 6 easy DIY beauty care gifts for Mom. And don't forget about grandmas and teachers, too.

1. Mother's Day Hand Print Lotion Gift Craft

2. Mother's Day Orange Sugar Scrub Recipe

3. Mother's Day Sleep Mask Gift Craft
Everyday Fun Homemade Beauty Mask

4. Mother's Day Lotion Bar Recipe

5. Mother's Day Sock Cupcake Gift
Cupcake Socks

6. Easy Mother's Day Handmade Soap for Kids Craft
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